"Nine Skies is a graceful realization in each detail of elegy or celebration."

-Sandra McPherson

This volume was selected by Sandra McPherson for the 1996 "National Poetry Series." The late poet James Dickey was judge of the Yale Prize poetry competition when he wrote to A. V. Christie, one of the finalists, "I have become very fond of your poems, especially the elegiac ones...Your work is heartfelt; one believes every word of it...You have given me much in-depth pleasure; have moved me strongly." The work in "Nine Skies" is as Dickey described it - heartfelt, moving.


"Beautifully crafted and sustained, with six or seven poems as fine as anything being written today. This remarkable book is a rite of passage for the poet and speaks of even better things to come." -- Elizabeth Spires


"Only the best poetry is written this well, with this much craft and conviction. Of course the poems are meditative and elegiac, brilliant and finely detailed, but they are also thought through and wholly felt, so that even in their small moments they celebrate."
-- Stanley Plumly


"A. V. Christie writes with a Romantic's eye and a Realist's heart, so there is no sentimentality, that sickness afflicting our age. The voice on these pages is hard-bitten, luxuriant, and true." -- Henri Cole



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"In beautiful and mysterious poems....A.V. Christie creates the housing for a metaphysical realm pulled back from some far off dream..."

-Elaine Terranova

About The Housing



"In A.V. Christie's highly cadenced, diamond-faceted, elliptical poems – emotion intensified to a white heat by its own refinement – to be spare is, equally, to be spared. Here is the hard-pressed attar of awareness, a distillation of the essential from the usual: 'And the garden this time is not about abundance, but the necessary.'"
Eleanor Wilner

"At a certain point in life we might hear the 'whir' of desire, like 'the constant thrum of the house' or 'the coursing of blood' – a sound that undermines everything, especially our faith in what we thought we knew. This is the moment from which A.V. Christie's powerful and unsettling new collection, The Housing, embarks. Get ready for the journey. She offers no 'full-moon remedies' but rather the heart's 'torments' and its saving 'adventures.'"
Michael Collier

"In beautiful and mysterious poems, many-layered and intricate like the anatomical drawings of Vesalius, A.V. Christie creates the housing for a metaphysical realm pulled back from some far-off dream. But looking closely, we can see it's our familiar world, exquisitely delineated: the shelter of marriage, family, dwelling, not to forget the body, our first and primary housing."
Elaine Terranova

The Housing, in its double duty as noun and verb, perfectly articulates both the material contents and the strategic habits of these poems. The poet explores issues of search and solitude, stability and instability, home and homelessness, and how the simple abrasions of the world will reveal what it means to be an in-dweller and an outcast.


Seven Kitchens Press Editor's Selection / Summer 2014

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"The daring, sensuous poems of The Wonders re-imagine the legendary Gardens of Babylon as a site of power and erotic desire, but the book is really about the inquiring, unsatisfiable imagination of the poet.  A. V. Christie’s exquisitely placed pomegranates and pheasants and terraces conjure up ever more mysterious presences.  Her poems invoke and respect strangeness and make strangeness feel near.  Even if the Gardens never existed, she seems to say, they are now certainly here."


—W.S. DiPiero